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Many thanks to all those who contributed to the realisation of the Katja MacLeod Kessin Memorial Retrospective exhibition and catalogue. Both were made possible by the generous donations from the following individuals and organizations:

Katja’s children: Darcy Daszkowski, Katrina MacLeod and Audrey MacLeod
Katja’s father, Ernst Daszkowski, and her siblings Alexandra, Petra and Joachim

Janice Anderson
Sami Antaki
Salvatore V. Barrera
Lynn Beavis
Elise Bernatchez
Anna Cook
Karen Daszkowski-Koi
David Elliott
Jennifer Fisher
Elizabeth Foley
Cynthia Hammond
Adad Hannah
Lynn Hughes
Helaine Kliger
Loren Lerner
Paul Litherland
Kelly MacKay
Darcy MacLeod
Eisha Marjara
Kate McDonnell
Sara Morley
Jane Pavanel
Scott Prentice
Linda Rice
Catherine Russell
Tory Russell
Francine Salinitri
Lorraine Simms
Sherry Simon
Karen Trask
Dina Vescio

anonymous donors

Concordia University:
Art History Department
Dean’s Office (Fine Arts)
FOFA Gallery
Studio Art Department
PhD Humanities
Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada (SWAAC)

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opening reception & event

Opening reception: Thursday, October 25, 6 to 8 p.m. at the FOFA Gallery, Montreal.

Opening event: Performing Katja
A selection of Kessin’s interviews and performance pieces will be screened and discussed by the co-curators. Alexandra Daszkowski, Katja’s sister, will present, We hadn’t seen each other for two years, a collaborative work she made with Kessin.


show opens at FOFA

Katja invite

The Katja MacLeod Kessin retrospective memorial exhibition opens today at the FOFA Gallery.

366 Days, a work in which Katja created one painting a day for an entire year, is on show for the first time.